Sisters in Bangalore Province had the opportunity to attend a ten-hour online, via zoom Youth Animators Training Programme (YATP) that was conducted by Father Toby Joseph Kozhuppakalam, SJ of Atmamitra, Kalady, for Bangalore Province over two weekends of August 29-30 and September 4 – 5, 2020 with two and a half hours of screen time each day. The focus groups of this training program were teachers, trainers, value educators, moral science Teachers, formators, vocation promoters, and youth animators. Thirty-eight SCNs participated in the interactive workshop. Their age-group ranged from 78 to 23. Most of them are/were engaged in the teaching ministry.

Some of the topics discussed during the lively inter-active sessions were:

  • Widening horizons through story method
  • Fruit Gathering as evaluation and as help for integration.
  • Concepts of SpringBoard Stories
  • Exploring the World of Symbols
  • Evolution of Instruction Methods (Socratic Method, Parisian Method, IPP).
  • Non-Directive Method, Advising without Advice, Purpose of Life through Epitaph Exercise.
  • Abuse Awareness for Teens and Youth – through demonstrations of advertisements.
  • Interventions for Sexual Abuses (In Brief).

The expected constraints of an online workshop were compounded by the wide range of age group of the participants. Due to the limited time, an in-depth discussion of the above topics was not possible. Nevertheless, the workshop was an excellent beginning to inspire interest and enthusiasm among the SCN participants to work with the youth more confidently.

Sister Rita Puthenkalam