It all happened! How? One answer — Providence.

Sisters minister to orphans at Asha Kiran (Rays of Hope) in Dharuheran. Many of the children here have lived their early years in brothels with their mothers, and without intervention would most likely fall into the same way of life. Asha Kiran attempts to break this cycle, by offering the children a safe environment, an opportunity for learning, and a chance to believe in their own worth and dignity.

Beena Chirackal, SCN, shares the following story of Rekha, a young woman 23 years of age, who came to the Sisters from the brothels in 2002:

The first marriage of a girl from Asha Kiran began to be arranged four months ago. The engagement of a girl named Rekha was on January 23, 2012. The marriage date was set on May 15 for May 25. We had just 10 days to prepare and there was much to do along with all the other urgent works.

The local government had come for inspection of Asha Kiran on May 11 in order to give us a certificate to register our home under the Child Welfare Committee. They appointed one staff member from the government to come and visit us daily in the evening.

We started to talk to him about our work and about the marriage. He spread the word around and we could not believe that he organized all that was needed for the marriage. He was also able to secure the dowry needed as per the customs of the village. This government official who is coming to check our home daily arranged all of the dowry from donations through different persons.

A delicious vegetarian meal was served for all those who came for the marriage celebration. We had invited our close neighbors. Everyone came with gifts. All those who came had tea, snacks and lunch. Even there was musical band which echoed the whole village and attracted more people. It was a grand celebration.

Neither Rekha nor the Sisters ever thought that there will be such a grand celebration. Rekha was married to Narender in our home Asha Kiran. She had the marriage according to the Hindu Rites. They now live in a village not far from Dharuhera. He is an electrician and Rekha is trained in tailoring. All those who came were full of praise for all that had happened.

Through our time, love, energy, and prayers this is a shining example of how one girl can escape the entrapment of the brothels. She is very happy.

Thanks be to God!

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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