Therese Arru, SCN:

“You Make a Difference!”

By Ann Kcmen. SCN

Edited by CMM Evelyn Fugazzi, SCN


One day not too long ago, Sister Therese Arru mentioned that she had received a special acknowledgement of gratitude. She had been given a small plaque from someone whose life had been greatly blessed by her. I asked if I might see the plaque, then requested a copy of the message on it. Therese, in her gentle professional manner had given the woman a very wise suggestion which she followed. The woman was so grateful that she went to a Hallmark card store and after much searching, discovered a simple plaque with these words of gratitude for Therese.





You Make a Difference

You are commended and greatly appreciated

for the service that you have provided.

You have touched many lives, and you have made a difference in this world.

Your actions and the spirit with

which you do them reflect your character…

a character of integrity, selflessness and goodness.

Thank you. not only for your

acts of service but also

for the example that you are and

the hope hat you inspire.

You are a reminder that

one person can make a difference.

Indeed, “one person can make a difference,” and those of us who know Therese could not agree more

wholeheartedly that she has and does make a difference in this world.

Editor’s Note: As a certified Technologist in Radiology, Therese ministered thirty-four years in Health Ministry.

Currently she “makes a difference” as a member of the Nazareth Motherhouse Coordinator Team.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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