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Name Department E-mail Address

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Abonesh Tadesse Nursing
Adeline Fehribach, SCN Western Province
Alice O'Bryan Nursing
Angela Hicks, SCN
Angela Wallace Nursing
Anita Knott COFA
Anita Smith Congregational Leadership
Ann M. Boone, SCN Nazareth Villages
Anna Marie Conklin, SCN
Anne Magruder, SCN OCA
Antonette Severin Western Province

B         Back

Betty Boone, SCN Nazareth Village
Bonnie Royalty Nursing
Brenda Anderson, SCN
Brenda Gonzales, SCN Central Leadership

C         Back

Carol Rogers, SCN
Carol McKean, SCN Nazareth Retreat Center
Carolyn Wilson, SCN Transportation Office
Celeste Crume Nursing
Chandler Young Information Technology
Crystal Welch Nazareth Villages

D         Back

Dana Hinton Western Province
Debra York POFA
Diane Curtis OCA
Dianne Smith OCA
Donna Cochrane SCNA
Doris Schneider Western Province - Louisville

E         Back

Earline Hobbs, SCN
Elaine Dickerson USOCHS/Administrative Projects
Elaine McCarron, SCN
Elaine Zehnder, SCN
Eleanor Willett, SCN Health Office
Eleanora Mattingly, SCN
Emily Nabholz, SCN Holistic Ministry
Eva Kowalski, SCN Western Province
Evelyn Fugazzi, SCN

F          Back

Frances Krumpelman, SCN Heritage Hall

G          Back

Gayle Case Nursing
Gracie Puckett Nursing
Grace Mary Whittaker, SCN Motherhouse

H          Back

Health Office Carrico Hall
Helen Carbol Carrico Hall

I             Back

Irene Satory, scn
Isa Garcia, scn

J             Back

Jackie Borders Human Resources
Jackie Smith SCN Center
Janet Ballard, SCN
Janice Downs Motherhouse Coordinator
Janice White OCA
Jean Lewis COFA
Jeremy Clark COFA
Jenny Hicks NCS
Jo Ann Paulin SCNA
Joan Robishaw Motherhouse Treasurer Office
Joan Wilson, SCN
Joetta Venneman, PVBM Office of Global Ministries
John Loretto Mueller, SCN
Johnye Wethington COFA
Judy Raley, SCN
Judy Reynolds OCA
June Monaghan

K          Back

Kathy Cecil POFA
Kathy Hertel-Baker Archives
Kelly McDaniels Archival Assistant
Kelly O'Mahony, SCN
Kitty Hanrahan, SCN
Kristin Torres Nursing
Kris Culver COFA Administrative Assistant

L             Back

Leslie Wilson OCA
Linda Greenwell Nursing
Linda Spalding Human Resources
Livia Pollett POFA
Lora Koons Nursing
Loretta Weller, SCN Guesthouse
Lorraine Ralston Housekeeping
Louise Smith, SCN
Lucille Phipps, SCN
Luke Boiarski, SCN OCA

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Maggie Fisher, SCN
Maintenance Records Office NCS Maintenance Records Office
Marcy Navarro
Margaret Baunach Nursing
Margaret Hohman, SCN
Marguerite Fowkes, SCN
Maria Brocato, SCN
Maria Cecilia Emanuelli, SCN
Marie Becker, SCN
Marlene Lehmkuhl, SCN
Martha Clan, SCN
Martha Mattingly Western Province
Mary Assumpta Dwyer, SCN
Mary Elizabeth Miller, SCN Nazareth Campus Service Director
Mary Jane McMakin, SCN
Mary Margaret Reid, SCN Media Center
Mary Pauletta Kane, SCN
Mary Reisz, SCN Nazareth Village
Mary Wedding, SCN Motherhouse Secretary
Michaella Cronin, SCN
Michelle Grgurich, SCN Office of Congregational Ministries
Mildred McGovern, SCN Media Center
Mike Schneider Maintenance Director
Miriam Hauser, SCN
Motherhouse Treasurer Motherhouse Treasury Office

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Nancy Gerth, SCN Vocations
Nazareth Village I and II
Newsline Send to OCA Newsline

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Office of Congregational Ministries OCM generic, secretary
Olivia Morris COFA

P             Back

Pam Clark Food Service
Pat Haley
Pat Hicks Health Services
Pat Hill, SCN Montessori
Pat Huitt, SCN Motherhouse Coordinator
Pat Worley, SCN
Patsy O'Toole OCA
Patty Wheatley Purchasing

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R             Back

Ray Ralston Grounds
Regina Atkins, SCN
Rita Davis, SCN
Rita Spalding, SCN OCA
Rhoda Kay Glunk, SCN Western Province
Rose Eleanor Perry, SCN Nativity Hall
Rose Marie Dobyns, SCN CCR
Rosemarie Chase, SCN

S             Back

Sandy Haynes Health Services
Sangeeta Ayithamattam Central Leadership
Sarah Ferriell, SCN St. Vincent Church
Sharon Gray, SCN Nazareth Retreat Center
Sheila Polin POFA
Shelly Metcalf Health Office
Shirley Waldridge SCN Center
Spalding Hurst OCA
Steve Hester Information Technology
Susan Gatz, SCN Central Leadership
Susan Stumph Nursing
Sylvia Hutchings Nursing

T             Back

Tammy Thomas POFA
Taylor Duncan Purchasing
Teresa Kotturan, SCN
Theresa Baron Finance
Theresa Knabel, SCN SCN Center
Therese Arru, SCN
Tracy Bray Nursing
Trina Loader Office of Congregational Ministries
Trudy Foster Motherhouse Coordinator

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V             Back

Vicki Ward Nazareth Villages
Virginia (Jenny) Hicks NCS Administrative Assistant
Visitor Center O'Connell Hall
Vivian Sabelhaus, SCN Motherhouse Library

W             Back

Will Rosenbaum Director of Information Technology

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