World Meeting of Popular Movements

“It was a privilege to attend this meeting, the the fourth of its kind convened or strongly encouraged by Pope Francis. The meeting began with a letter of welcome from Francis. The term “Popular Movements” refers to all groups or organizations working against systemic injustice. I was proud to share with other participants our SCN Directive working for systemic change. There were representatives from 600 grassroots groups from around the country. The Kentucky delegation included three from Louisville and seven from Lexington, including Bishop Stowe. Most of these participants belong to the organizing groups CLOUT in Louisville and BUILD in Lexington. Both have been funded by the SCN Ministry Fund and expressed their gratitude. The previous three World Meetings in Rome and Brazil had Identified three issues: food, work, land, and the environment. To those, this one added racism and migration. We had a panel of excellent speakers on each of these five Issues followed by small group discussions. Pope Francis calls all working for peace and justice “social poets” and calls us to challenge the systemic injustices that create a culture of exclusion and change it to a culture of inclusion.”

Julie Driscoll, SCN | View artistic summaries from the meeting here.

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