World Environment Day was celebrated at Seelampur, Delhi, on June 11. The children, from non-formal education classes put up a dance drama where the boys dressed up as trees and the girls as flowers. They acted out the need for protecting the plants, trees, and allowing flowers to grow and beautify the world by caring for them.

The tailoring class put up an exhibition of bags stiched by them. One of the groups exhibited things produced from waste materials. It was amazing to see their innovative skills. They created things from scrap papers, twigs, icecream sticks cardboards, etc. The students and the staffs were excited and happy to show the fruit of their hard work. Mrs. Jonitta, a well known teacher from the nearby parish, Mrs. Sandhya, a social activist and former staff of Nazareth Mahita Samiti, and Sister Nirmala were the judges. It was a difficult task to rate the exhibit, because each one was so unique. They were very attractive and useful items. The exhibits which got the first three prizes and the prize winning bags are featured in the following photos.

An awareness session was held by the special invitees and the chief guest spoke to the children about how they could help to protect the environment. It was emphacized that by doing little things at home like saving electricity and water, use of hand made cloth bags for purchase of things instead of plastic bags, making compost manuer with the household wastes, etc. The children pledged themsleves to practice some of the knowledge they gained and make a difference at their homes and the surroundings they live in. The weather on the day was very pleasant and the nature helped all present to enjoy the exhibit and the short cultural program with a comfortable environment.

Written by Sister Nirmala Mulackal, SCN

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