A three-day collaborative workshop was conducted on wholesome family living by Joani Tuti and Joel Urumpil, SCN, at Chetanalaya, Rajgir on Dec 1-3, 2017. The participants, 25 youth and women leaders of Chetna Bharti, Chatra, and fifteen women from Chetanalaya belonged to the Musahar/Bhuia communities. Inputs and discussions were centred on the rights of babies from conception up to 3 years; rights and responsibilities of children, adolescents and parents; the relationship between parents and children; causes of tension in the family and how to address the poverty and other factors which stagnates the Musahar/Bhuia communities and keep them at the bottom of the society.

We have been having such collaborative programs in the past and found them very enriching and supportive when done jointly.

Joel Urumpil, SCN