Women of Navjyoti Centre Celebrate Women’s Day in Dharan, Nepal

Coming at the back drop of unprecedented upsurge protesting violence against women, the women’s group associated with Navjyoti Centre, Dharan gathered today to celebrate womanhood. They had earlier gathered in the premises of Navjyoti School on Valentine’s Day for the dance of 1 Billion Rising along with the students of Navjyoti School. They gathered yet again today (March 8, 2013) at Navjyoti School, this time to uphold one another and to unite themselves to claim their rightful place in the society. Ms. Keshari Thapa, Principal of School for Visually Challenged (the only one of its kind in Nepal) honoured the moment with her presence. Addressing the women on gender equality, she exhorted them to begin the change in themselves and in their homes. Citing the influence of culture that is highly patriarchal, she challenged the women to be sensitive to the education and empowerment of girl children. Various cultural items staged focused on the issues such as drug addiction, trafficking and illiteracy that continues to plague Nepalese society. Sisters Teresa Madassery and Marina Thazhathuveetil ably coordinated the Women’s Day celebration which saw a gathering of more than 300 women from various parts of Dharan.