A women’s self-help group in Demkapada Village located in Manjhari, Chaibasa, celebrated Unity Day on Jan. 27, 2019. They illustrate how women’s self-help groups are transforming rural India. These women are becoming agents of change in their village. This is what true leadership development and community building look like.

They lead the supervision of the local area government school. Any meetings or decision making in the village rely on their consultation. Guided by the women’s welfare center, Mahila Kalyan Kendra, and Sister Kitamai Catherine Sinku, small moves year by year are creating inclusive societal habits.

Local MLA Mr. Sashi Bhushan Samad, Head/Mundas of 13 villages of CKP (Chakradharpur) and SCN Sisters

On Jan. 20, 2019, the self-help group of women along with some men of Mahila Kalyan Kendra created a program of awareness on fundamental rights of education, health, and business. The current issues of Jharkhand state were highlighted, the CNT Act, the PESA Act, land bank, land acquisition, mining social impact, displacement, the Forest Right Act, and the environment.

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