Young women from Muslim and Hindu communities of Seelampur gathered at Nazareth Mahila Samithi (NMS), Delhi, for a 50 hour course in communicative English. The participants were young girls who completed their X standard, those who dared to pursue their studies after class X, and those hoping to continue their studies. Almost all of them, though they had English as a subject in their school days, have had no proper coaching in English. Sister Manisha Azhakathu along with the staff of NMS dreamed that if they could be given an opportunity to learn more English, it would give them confidence and it would be an impetus to dream higher. NMS was searching for someone who would do it systematically. Sister Marianne Puthoor was so willing to make this dream come true.

Young women who passed out from Nazareth Mahila Samithi and those young women wanting to pursue studies were contacted, interviewed and selected for the Communicative English Course. Thirty five students were selected and started their English learning enthusiastically. Education of the students ranged from those who passed class X to graduate level between the ages of 17 to 33.

Marianne SCN, started with the basics, since they have had very little English teaching in their earlier schools. Later on through grammar, phonetics, spelling, quiz, rhymes, conversation English, repetition, speeches, various learning techniques etc. enabled them to speak and understand English. Besides, providing life skill education, health tips, yoga helped them building better attitude for life. While spending a lot of time at the center, they learned to interact with teachers and learn from them.

The last day, the students put up a performance of their learning for which Rita SCN was the guest of honor. She said it was unbelievable to see the way the girls were able to use English confidently. First time in their life they did long hours of intensive learning. They also witnessed and experienced how diligently they were able to learn and they were capable for greater things if opportunities are taken.


At the end of the training, twenty five of them qualified for certificates. Students were extremely happy and expressed deep gratitude to Nazareth Mahila Samithi for one of such rarest experiences and learning though it was strenuous.

They have decided to follow it up by coming together and practicing occasionally. NMS will help this group and those who were not able to attend the course with the help of volunteers.

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