Anash Anima Mundu, SCN

Anshumala Nira Toppo, SCN

Pachola Oliva Kujur, SCN

Seema Joy Kujur, SCN

With immense love and gratitude to God we invite you to pray with us, for second year SCN novices, Anash Anima Mundu, Anshumala Nira Toppo, Pachola Oliva Kujur, and Seema Joy Kujur. They will make their first profession of vows at 10.30 a.m. at Mokama Nazareth Convent chapel on March 8.

We gratefully appreciate your sharing of love, support, and encouragement during their formative years. We want to assure you of our constant prayers for you and your ministry.


Sister Amelia and the Bethel family

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