Improving the quality of life of seniors living in the Southside of Belize City is Sister Carlette Gentle’s mission (pictured above, middle). She recently shared the touching story of one woman that she helps.

“I have been helping a mother and her daughter for about a year now. They have become like family. I assist them with being linked to a medical clinic, I offer transportation to and from their appointments and we at LIFE have also assisted with minor house renovation, and I’ve taken clothing and footwear for them as well.

“One day when I went to visit them she gave me a big hug and said ‘I love you mommy.’ I stepped back and said ‘Mommy? You can be my grandmother.’ She smiled and said ‘Sis think about it, you feed us, you clothe us you created a safer shelter for us and you take care of us. That’s what mothers do.’

“I am humbled by the experience and grateful for the support that we receive from donors that have allowed LIFE to reach out to the elderly.”