Sunday was the first day that Sisters living on Nazareth campus gathered for Mass in St Vincent Church after a long while. Our new normal has us physically distanced, wearing masks and receiving communion in paper cups. A single lector read the first and second readings and the psalm. We had no touching at the sign of peace and no singing. But with gratitude, we gathered again as a community to worship God.

Following is Sister Mary Elizabeth Miller’s reflection at the beginning of Mass and the intercessions by Sister Barbara Joseph Lammers who led us in prayer:


Good morning Sisters! Welcome to St. Vincent Church on this Feast of Pentecost. It has been 50 days since we last celebrated the Eucharist here on Easter Sunday. Our scripture readings throughout these weeks have reminded us of Jesus’ promise to the disciples – “I will send another, an Advocate, who will be with you always, the Spirit of truth.”

Today we celebrate the coming of that Spirit of Truth, and recall that the disciples, released from their fear, were transformed by the gift the Spirit, to go forth and proclaim the Good News to all gathered in Jerusalem.

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves,

  • What is the transformation that we are being called to at this moment as we reflect on the effects of the corona virus pandemic locally and globally?
  • What is the transformation we are being called to at this moment as we witness the continuing police brutality to people of color and the resulting protests and violence?

COVID19 and the violence that has erupted on our streets are an invitation to each of us to look deep within to discover what truly binds us to one another. These events have a way of bringing out the best in us.

Today’s scriptures for the Feast of Pentecost point to what joins us together. The bond that unites us is the Spirit of the Divine poured into all people and all life.

Prayers of the Faithful for Pentecost

We offer these prayers aware of the gifts of the Spirit to us and to our world.

For patience with the changes in life because of the coronavirus, we pray loving God hear us.

For all who have died of the coronavirus, their loves ones and healthcare providers, we pray…

For all our employees, especially those who care for us daily, we pray…

For an end to racial violence and justice for all people no matter their race or creed, we pray…

We pray that the Spirit may be with us as we live this time of mourning and lament for all those who have died of the corona virus and the violence in our cities. We ask this is Jesus name. Amen.

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