The Sisters at Caritas Place, in Pittsburgh, welcomed Dolores Ann Therasse, SCN, to their local community with notes on her door, some Halloween treats, and a special prayer service.

Welcome to CARITAS, Dolores Ann,

May you find here among us:
A place of rest
A spirit of Community
A source of strength.

May you find inspiration, generosity, kindness, comfort, understanding, courage, and loving companionship.
May the walls of Caritas embrace you each day, providing safety and security. May love surround you, filling your mind and heart with peaceful healing.
May your apartment be a place where God is ever present, a place where you will have time to remember who you are, and to explore who you are becoming.
May you meet God each day in the hallways and in the main entrance, where you will encounter many of us coming in, going out, or simply reading the latest notices of upcoming events or more serious announcements.
May you feel a little more at home each day as you come to know and love each of us and we come to know and love you, dear Sister.

The arrival of a new member offers us all an invitation to re-enter the process of transformation for self and for the entire group.
This valuable process involves a deliberate letting go of the past, of the way things were, and an intentional welcoming of future possibilities.
In the coming year, we will make choices and decisions that will create our new reality. We have what we need to bring peace within ourselves and within our Community. Let this be our prayer for each of us and for all of us.

(Quiet reflection)

We welcome you home, Dolores Ann, and ask you to help us create a place we can rightly call “CARITAS,”
a place and a space where love is growing stronger every day, every year,
a place where people can say about us: “See how they love one another.”

Together we pray:

“Kindhearted Holy One, you gather all our hearts into one great love.
Thank you for reaching our heart through the hearts of others.
The genuine love of each of us towards another reflects YOUR divine affection.
Keep us aware, when we hesitate or question our ability to share our love,
that YOU dwell within our hearts,
that YOU will show us the way. Amen.”