“Naz Girls” have started arriving on Nazareth Campus today.  The Nazareth Academy, Nazareth Junior College and Nazareth College “Country Campus” Alum Reunion (all classes) officially gets underway tomorrow, Friday, September 21.  Over 200 alum are expected to attend the fun filled weekend.  Alums hail from as far North as New Hampshire, as far west as Hawaii, and as far south as Puerto Rico.  The title of ‘Oldest Alum Attending” belongs to Louise Hagan from Roanoke, Virginia.  She is 98 years young and a graduate of the Junior College Class of 1934.  Rebecca Rodenbaugh, SCN, Nazareth College Class of 1937, is the oldest alum attending from the college.

Among some of the traditions practiced at Nazareth, the creation of the daisy chain.

According to the Kentucky Encyclopedia,  Nazareth Academy opened in 1822 and received its charter from the General Assembly in December of 1829.  In the 1820s, the Academy attracted students from many states in the South.  A century later, the Academy began hosting international students, and over its history it welcomed students from 40 nations.  Historian Mary Ellen Doyle, SCN, notes that Nazareth Academy developed into one of the best-known schools for young women in the South outside New Orleans, offering not only the usual “ladies’ accomplishments” but a solid curriculum of arts and sciences.
Nazareth Junior College opened in 1922, Nazareth College in 1940. Pictures and memories to be shared as the weekend gets underway.

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