In the Spirit of St. Vincent: Urge President Obama to protect the lives of those living in poverty by vetoing any cut to food stamps.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), formerly food stamps, received about $40 billion in cuts as the House voted recently. Express your feelings to U.S. Representatives and urge them to stand strong on the side of those who experience hunger.

Urge members of Congress to pass a budget bill that keeps government running, raises the debt ceiling and doesn’t damage the fragile recovery.

Challenging Unjust Structures: Urge federal legislators to oppose the Monsanto Protection Act and stop any efforts to undermine state’s rights to label genetically modified organisms.  

Urge the Securities and Exchange Commission to support disclosure of corporate pay disparities.

Bluegrass Pipeline: The Sisters of Loretto have begun a petition to Governor Steve Beshearraising concerns about the safety and environmental impact of the Bluegrass Pipeline and hydraulic fracturing. Individuals are invited to oppose this pipeline and protect Kentucky’s homes, land and drinking water by signing on.

Urge the McDonald’s corporation to pay a living wage to their workers.
Urge Ruby Ridge Dairy, where workers are still being threatened, wages being stolen and employees forced to eat while working, to adjust their practices for the good of the employee.

Science, Democracy and Fracking: A Guide for Community Residents and Policy Makers Facing Decisions over Hydraulic Fracturinis available here. (search page for downloadable toolkit)

Human Trafficking Resource: An educational resource for secondary teachers on human trafficking is located here.

The October 2013 edition of the LCWR newsletter is now available here.
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