Weekly Justice Highlights

  • For those who are U.S. citizens, please exercise your right to vote on November 6.
  • In the Spirit of St. Vincent: Urge African countries and the African Union Secretariat to defer the development of the Pan African Intellectual Property Organization and begin and inclusive discussion on the nature, schope, and objectives of such a body. (International Action is available.)
  • Challenging Unjust Systems: Urge U.S.Senators to oppose legal immunity for banks that make unaffordable loans and push them off on unsuspecting families. 
  • Nuclear Weapons: Urge the European Parliament to support the next critical step toward Global Zero’s Action Plan to eliminate nuclear weapons.
  • Promoting Peace: Urge President Obama and U.S. Congress to take “all options are on the table” off the table.
  • Care of Earth: Urge Congress to work toward an equitable, sustainable farm bill. When legislators return after Election Day, thousands of signatures will be passed on to legislators telling Congress we need a 2012 Farm Bill that invests in the future of healthy farms, food and people; protects our precious air, soil, water and reforms farm subsidies and levels the playing field. Action is available here with petition here
  • The World Health Organization and World Meteorological Organization unveiled theAtlas of Health and Climate, a joint project intended to assist governments in managing ecosystems and responding to health threats related to climate change.
  • Resilience.org is both an information clearinghouse and a network of action-oriented groups. Our focus is on building community resilience in a world of multiple emerging challenges: the decline of cheap energy, the depletion of critical resources like water, complex environmental crises like climate change and biodiversity loss, and the social and economic issues which are linked to these. We like to think of the site as a community library with space to read and think, but also as a vibrant café in which to meet people, discuss ideas and projects, and pick up and share tips on how to build the resilience of your community, your household, or yourself.
  • Louisville, KYNovember 10– Bank On LouisvilleStart Fresh Class. Completion of this free course provides a Start Fresh Certificate. Present your Start Fresh Certificate to a Bank On participating banks or credit unions. This will get you on your way to establishing a bank account and on a pathway of improved financial success. Please RSVP by calling 458-8840 x1384 or emailing sarah.gant@apprisen.com. NIA Center, 2900 W. Broadway, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

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