As we begin our Lenten journey, the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth share this reflection for Ash Wednesday.

We have entered a new year, a new 365-day journey around our sun-star. And we also begin the Lenten journey. There is no better time to pause and reflect on the great mystery of who we are and that which we are all a part.

We know the words: You are dust and to dust you shall return. Indeed, we are dust – Stardust to be sure! Our body is made of the same materials that form the stars, those amazing lights we see in the night sky.

We, too, are made to shine, to recognize the truth about who we all are: We are light. This is the revelation that lived and moved and had its being in Jesus the Christ. And this is what God summons us to recognize in a very deliberate way during these forty days of Lent. We are light, you are light, I am light.