Janelle Reilly Missioned as CEO in Sacred Ceremony

In a beautiful interactive service, Janelle Reilly solemnly committed herself to answer God’s call and serve as Chief Executive Officer of CHI Memorial “with passion, authenticity, and a deep spirit and awareness that what we do is sacred work.”

Chaplain and SCN Associate Betsy Kammerdeiner led in singing “We Are Called,” uniting the audience and setting a tone of reverence. “We are called to act with justice, to love, tenderly, to serve one another, to walk humbly with God.”

In front of the lighted Mission Flame, Bob Scheri, Vice President of Mission Integration led a responsive reading, and the audience asked to receive a spirit of Reverence, integrity, Compassion, and Excellence. The prayer was that these core value deepen and grow within us, guide our every decision, and find expression in our daily actions.

Gifts That Have Guided CHI Memorial

Sister Judy Raley reflected on 1 Corinthians 16:4-7, which promises different gifts for the common good, the scripture on which our new name “Common Spirit” is based. God has given gifts to guide CHI Memorial since the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth brought the gift of faith-based health care to Chattanooga in 1952. The Sisters’ first leader, Mother Catherine Spalding, demonstrated unwavering compassion and courage. A picture of a statue of Catherine Spalding was presented to Janelle.

CHI Memorial’s first administrator, Sister Marie Victoria, brought gifts of gentleness, excellence, and justice. She led the hospital and community in integration, seeing each person as God’s beloved creation.

Sister Thomas de Sales brought different gifts to administration, being strong, forthright, forward thinking, outspoken, and patient focused. Other administrators have used their gifts to keep the mission of CHI Memorial strong.

The Missioning Ceremony

Janelle came forward with her husband Pat, their son Joe and daughter Molly. Larry Schumacher, Senior Vice President of Divisional Operations, and five member of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth conducted the ceremony: Sister Judy Raley and Sister Betty Vannucci, who have served in leadership at CHI Memorial, Sister Dorothy Jackson, who is currently on the Board of Directors, and Sister Susan Kilb and Sister Clare Reasbeck, who came from Kentucky for this special occasion.

A Mission Candle was presented to Janelle, as a symbol of Christ’s Healing Mission, and she promised to further nurture the flame entrusted to her. She also received a framed copy of the Mission Statement and Core Values to be a source of inspiration.

After Janelle had made her commitment, members of CHI Memorial Board, the executive team and management staff, physicians, associates, and volunteers alternately stood to pledge their availability and recommit themselves.

Janelle’s Response

“Being asked to serve as CEO of CHI Memorial is an incredible honor. I am following the legacy of giants, gifts of compassion, insight, determination, and excellence. I will not forget how they used their gifts and how they fought for justice and to extend the hospital boundaries. I have been blessed to work closely with Larry, an inspirational role model.”

Janelle expressed gratitude to her family, to the physicians, clinicians, co-workers, and volunteers. “Your dedication is an inspiration to me I am overwhelmed by all you do. Thank you for living he values and making a difference every day. We must continue to trust and rely on each other as we serve as Christ’s hands and feet in this healing ministry. I am truly humbled and honored.”

Father Mike Nolan and Father Mike Creson gave a final blessing asking the Holy Spirit to come down and surround Janelle and all those pledging to support her.

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