A series of waste audits have been taking place on the Motherhouse Campus, Nazareth, Kentucky. Carolyn Cromer, the new director of ecological sustainability, and Rosemarie Kirwin, SCN, have been sorting and weighing items as part of the audit. This initiative was endorsed by the SCN Recycling Committee which adopted a goal for Nazareth to become a “Zero Waste Campus.” This means that residents on the campus will strive to reduce all waste produced on campus to that which can be reused, recycled, or composted. The waste audits are being done to establish a baseline. Sisters Rosemarie and Kelly O’Mahony have been helping to sort through campus waste to see how much we are recycling, what percent of the trash can be composted, and what percent is destined for the landfill. With this information, further steps will be identified for moving toward a “Zero Waste Campus.”