Volunteers to Belize

On Sunday, Jan. 22, Sister Tonya Severin led the Commissioning Ceremony for five of the seven SCN volunteers who, along with Sister Luke Boiarski, will travel to Las Flores, Belize on Monday. They will be working with the leadership group in the village to build a home for a family in great need. This house is being sponsored by Sister Barbara Von Bokern’s family. Please keep their safety in your prayers.

Pictured above from left to right: Front row: Sr. Luke, Lorena Miller, Jude Leake, Tonya Severin (vice-provincial) Back row: Steve Hester, Jim Garvey, David Garvey.

Wayne Miedzinski and Theresa Pilkerton of Hollywood, Maryland, will join the group in Atlanta and all will travel to Las Flores, Belize, together.