Filled with love and enthusiasm, volunteers (Erin Kelly, Karen Ladowski, LeAnne Moore, Kristy Reynolds) from Kansas, Minnesota, and New Hampshire accompanied Sarah Geier, SCN, to travel to India and serve at Asha Kiran from Oct. 16 to Nov. 2, 2017.

The volunteers left Nazareth, Kentucky, on Oct. 16, 2017, and arrived at the Delhi Airport in India, where they were greeted by Sisters Lucy Puthukkatt and Nirmala Muluckal, and two of the children. The group welcomed the volunteers at the airport and drove them to Dharuhera. Even though it was almost 2:30 a.m., the children were awake to welcome Sister Sarah and the volunteers with songs, flowers, and a beautiful drawing on the floor in the entrance to Asha Kiran.

Over the two weeks, volunteers took part in a number of activities: visiting father Matthew and his farm, celebrating Diwali with children, and celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Agnes Tudu, SCN. The volunteers also visited the Sisters and several schools in that area and helped Father Matthew to feed about 300 – 400 people after Sunday Mass. Beside their busy schedule, on Oct. 28th, volunteers were able to tour the Lotus Temple, Gandhi’s grave, the Cathedral, and several places around Delhi.

On Oct. 30th, accompanied by Sister Nirmala, the group traveled to Agra. All were delighted to see monkeys and a caravan of camel along the way. Not only monkeys and a caravan, but on the way home from the dinner one evening, they passed a party center, and Sister Lucy had the driver pull over. She insisted the volunteers have a chance to experience an Indian wedding party and join the guests in dancing.

On the final day, before heading back to the United States, the group celebrated the Mass of All Souls which was celebrated outside by Sister Pauline’s grave. It was a very touching moment.

SCN volunteers enjoyed the trip to India. It was such a meaningful and memorable trip. The farewell from India was unforgettable and filled with tears and gratitude.