We received the following message from Sister Luke Boiarski…

“We arrived in Montana at 8:30 on Sunday, June 17. Br. Ray of the De La Salle Blackfeet School met us at the East Glacier train station. Our first impression of the area was one of vastness and grandeur. That night we had a brief orientation and selected our sleeping quarters in the bunkhouse or a nearby trailer. We found out Br. Ray has been by himself for almost six months at his home on the church property.

Br. Ray is a gentle and soft-spoken man who has been facing serious health problems. He asked for our assistance with several projects because he has been falling behind with all he is required to do. We learned that sometimes people like Br. Ray, who has dedicated his life to helping the children of the Blackfeet tribe, can also be in need.

The past two days our work has included: mowing, weeding, repairing fences, laying a walkway, and constructing a ramp to make the bunkhouse handicap accessible. We also gathered for an evening meal that included deep sharing and prayer. We were joined by Br. Ray, Br. Kent from St. Louis and John, a De La Salle volunteer who arrived that morning.

Later tonight we will be celebrating Trudy and Wayne Wheatley’s birthdays. We have received many blessings in our days here.”

Nine SCN Volunteers and Sister Luke recently left for the “Big Sky” country in Montana. They will be working on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation.
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