Steve and his wife, Karen, are volunteering in Las Flores for two months. Steve sent the following account of a recent project:

After working on the Classroom/Pavilion Friday, I learned that a group of men had been working all day down the street at St. Michael Catholic Church. When I arrived there, a wide driveway had been formed and the men were tying the reinforcing bars in place. They graciously accepted my help. We finished in about 20 minutes and I asked what time Saturday they would start again. 8:00 was the answer and I told them I planned to be there.

I arrived at church at 8a.m. as promised and the concrete mixer was already sending out wheelbarrows of concrete into the forms. The area to fill is over 900 s.f. and took about 12 CY of concrete. It doesn’t sound like much when you can call a ready mix company at home and have most of it delivered in just one truck ready to pour. But they batch the concrete on site mixing two 90 pound bags of cement with about 15 gal of water and shovel full after shovel full of sand and gravel (900 pounds worth) for each batch. These men do this kind of labor all their working life. By noon, we were cleaning up the tools and the finishers were monitoring the concrete to put the broom finish on it. Here are some photos:

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