“It was a dream come true for us to visit New York and the UN. With a deep sense of gratitude, we thank wholeheartedly the Central Leadership Team for giving us this opportunity to spend some valuable time under the excellent guidance of Sister Teresa Kotturan, SCN. We had a great time with her. A big thank you to all our sisters at the Motherhouse for their love and prayerful support which enabled us to be happy and healthy during our time.

“The visit to the UN Headquarters gave us an ample opportunity to widen our horizon and the worldview. Getting exposed to such a monumental structure that deals with the millions of issues affecting the humanity in general, was a great experience. We realized that UN is not just an institution or a mere structure but it deals with people, nations, cultures, civilizations, human relations and above all an institution with religious values, an icon of peace.

“We were so thrilled and fascinated by the number of monuments like the images of national flags, rich heritage of sculptures, paintings, music and most strikingly the images of great leaders of the world especially those leaders who fought for the independence of their respective countries and made a huge difference to the world in general. As we studied deeply the origin and the various impact UN has made over the years, trying to unite most of the countries of our world under one umbrella we truly felt that United Nations is an incredible institution.

“It was an overwhelming experience and a blessing to take part in the conferences on different issues being dealt by the United Nations. As women religious, moreover as SCNs with international and multicultural traits our exposure to UN was a great way of mentoring the young leadership. We also saw that part of America which is very different from our Nazareth and Kentucky. We were deeply moved as we visited the memorial of the World Trade Centers. The train journey and the other social outings added color to our happy days. A big thank you to Sr. Teresa Kotturan, SCN for representing the Sisters of Charity Federation at the United Nations and taking up the grass root issues to the international level. We are privileged to be groomed by you dear sister. May God be praised!”

Sisters Joicy Joy and Suchita Kullu

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