Our six Tertians Hema Santhosh, Jonice Lepcha, Mandapati Prasanthi, Maya Anton Amolik, Nirmala Diggi, and Sosanti Xaxa have begun their Tertianship Program in March. This program includes the study of SCN History, review of Constitutions, Leadership Training Program, Exposure and learning from the lives of poor and marginalized, and a few other pertinent issues of the Congregation, the Church, and Society. Due to COVID-19, the Tertians missed their Exposure program this year but they had a new experience of being quarantined for 14 days at Nazareth Hospital, Mokama. This time was well spent in reading books, writing book reviews, reflecting, and praying.

The Tertians spent two weeks to study the SCN History and completed their project on Bishop Jean Baptiste Marie David, Mother Catherine Spalding and the history of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth from 1912-1924 and 1924- 1936 based on the books “Impelled by the Love of Christ” by Frances Krumpelman, SCN, and Patricia Kelley, SCN and Rachel Willett, SCN. The presentation of their projects was on May 26, 2020 at 4.00 p.m. at Nazareth Convent, Mokama. Newly Temporary professed, Novices, Candidates and the sisters from the Local House were the audience. Through these projects, Tertians gained more knowledge about our Founder Bishop Jean Baptiste Marie David, Co- Founder Mother Catherine Spalding, and also about the ministries and the Charism lived out during the period 1912- 1936. The whole process of study and presentation has intensified their zeal for the love of God and commitment for SCN mission. The audience expressed their satisfaction and enrichment through their presentation.

The Tertians also gave short presentation on the experience of ‘Leadership Training Program’ at USM, (Universal Solidarity Movement), Indore, and shared their personal reflection on the study of SCN Constitutions. A few photos have been attached to give you a glimpse of their presentation.

Due to COVID-19, Tertians will not be able to go to Goa in June. Mater Dei, Goa will conduct online classes for all the applicants from July to October 2020. They are expected to join their classes at Mater Dei, Goa in November.

Basanti Lakra, SCN

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