Steve and Karen are volunteering in Las Flores, Belize for two months. Karen sent this update on their experiences there.

Greetings from tropical Belize,

This week is going fast and yet Monday seems ages ago. It has been really hot this week. I am always ready to go to the bank because it has AC. But you feel hotter when you go back outside. 

Since school started back Monday I went to help Ana Ruth with her lunch program. As you may remember, the village of Las Flores in made up of people who fled El Salvador during their civil unrest. Both Ana Ruth and Lettie were 5 years old when they fled. They were telling me of their 5 yo recollections of those times. Ana Ruth’s father “disappeared." They both remember hiding when the helicopters flew over. They can recall bombings and shootings from above. They also told stories from older family members that are too graphic and too terrible for me to relate to you. I will admit to crying when I heard their stories. 

Have been going to school in the afternoons to help some boys improve their reading skills. They act very uninterested but when I ask them what they want to do first, they get very animated. So they are just boys like all young boys we know.

Steve has been working at the church. They are expanding the church and adding a new entrance. It is coming along but a lot of work is yet to be completed. Steve is also working on the food stand for Marina. Her husband and oldest son came last weekend to help Steve stand the walls up. I think all that’s left to do is the siding and the doors. I think the final assembly will be done at their house. It is being constructed to be easy to disassemble and move since they are renting now.

Yesterday was the hottest day yet and some friends took us to the Sibun River. It was so pleasant there. Maria had fixed a wonderful lunch and we ate on a large rock in the river. We noticed several groups of workers taking their lunch on the banks of the river. We also were entertained by a group that does disaster rescue. They were rappelling down the rock face and then were going to raise a litter up. We left before they got that far. We had a nice day. And you can communicate with people even though you don’t speak the same language. Some things are universal. I missed my reading group yesterday afternoon so I know I will hear about it today.

That’s about it for now. Take care.

Peace and blessings,


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