Greetings all,

Remember last week when I said it was unseasonably cool and rainy? Well this week is making up for it. The heat has been cranked way up. All you can do in the middle of the day is stay inside and rest. The fan is a must.

Kind of been a slow week with not much going on. Steve has a lot of work lined up for next week when he returns. There has been a foundation for 2 new school rooms in place for at least a year. He and some of the local men are going to pour a concrete floor this coming week so the week after Easter another volunteer group from the US can come and put the walls up. There is a woman who lives around the corner from us that would like to build a small stand for selling food. She has no money and comes frequently for help getting food for her family. We hope that a food stand will help her to be more self reliant for herself and her family.

We will celebrate Palm Sunday at the church in the village. Since the locals here are Spanish speakers, the Mass will be in Spanish. I am told we will process through the village before going in for Mass. Can’t wait to experience that.

On Thursday we will travel to Belize City to celebrate Holy Week with the SCNs there. I really enjoy Mass at St Martin’s so I am looking forward to that experience as well. I am told that the Good Friday stations of the cross will take over an hour as we process all over the neighborhood. Most shops and businesses in Belize are closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday. The schools let out today for a 2 week Easter vacation. 

Peace and blessings,


All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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