Sister Manisha Azhakathu shares this update from Asha Kiran:

All of Asha Kiran returned from quarantine on April 26, 2021. Sister Agnes Tudu is back to our fold as she was tested negative. The entire building and the campus has been disinfected and sanitized appropriately. However, we continue all preventive practices of SMS – Social distance, Mask wearing, and Sanitization besides following home remedies to boost immunity.

It is now the season for planting and growing vegetables in Asha Kiran. The field is plowed with a tracker and ready for planting. Cultivation has always been a family commitment at Asha Kiran with children contributing to growing vegetables and flowers in their own assigned areas. We have grown a lot of bananas, papayas, gooseberries, and some mangoes too. This time due to COVID-19, children were given a lot of relaxed time and now slowly beginning their fun time outside. Migrants having returned home at the onset of the second wave of the pandemic and we are left with no help to care for our field. Apart from this, the disrupted electricity supply on a regular basis has left the field frugally moist. Like the previous year, we continue the watchful waiting while we care for the earth in the most appropriate manner. The poultry farm welcomed an animal into its fold, a goat donated by the Parish Priest, Fr. Mathew PJ.

The children do feel bored being inside for a longer period of time. After the quarantine now, they spend sufficient time doing their own things, sleeping, watching good movies, learning to cook, helping in the house, doing their artwork, making masks, singing, dancing as well as yoga and meditation. Children are also becoming aware of the reality in the world as there is a different way of living now and learning to empathize with the suffering world. More of them keep asking “what can we do?”

From the coming week, we have organized classes and activity sessions to bring normalcy to Asha Kiran although the outside world is in utter chaos. We remain ever grateful for the prayers that brought God’s mercy upon all of us and brought us back in robust health and vigor.

Sister Manisha Azhakathu