Greetings from Kallanode, India! We pray that you are keeping well these days as our world experiences the effects of the Covid- 19 Pandemic, natural disasters, and societal strife. It is times like this that we turn in trust to our loving God and count on God’s protection.

We wanted to send this special message of gratitude for your support of the building of our new convent in Kallanode and give you an update on the progress. The last time we sent an update, construction was at a standstill due to the lockdown in India. We are happy to report that the construction work of the convent building resumed again on Aug. 11 and on Sept. 3, we were able to cast the roof of the first floor. It was raining the previous days and nights up to the morning of the third. We started to pray a few days early onwards for good weather and sent messages to so many people to pray very specially for the third. Sure enough, as the workers all came at 7:30 a.m. and started the work, the rain suddenly stopped and the sun came out. That day and night it did not rain but the next morning rain started again.

Everything went well and smoothly on that day. Our loving God really worked a miracle for us and we are deeply grateful to God for it. Since the fourth, it has been raining every day and thus God has been taking care of the watering of the area for curing.

These photos give you an idea of how things are progressing. Know that as we watch the building take shape each day, we offer a special prayer of gratitude for you.

May Christ, the Light of the World, give you a clear vision to see Him in the difficult times of your life. And may Christ enable you to be a light to others so that they may see clearly and follow Him.

May our Patron, St. Vincent De Paul, the Patron of all charities, bless and intercede for you in all your endeavors.

Sister Bridget Kappalumakal