The 2018 golden jubilee group had a 3-day study-reflection on “The feminine faces of God in the Bible”. Sister Jane SCN helped the group make anew and experience the images of God depicted in the Bible. A few of the many images the group dealt with are:

God as a woman in travail; a nursing mother; a midwife; the Shekinah; a mother eagle; a mother bear, the flowing river etc. Input and interactions were lively and thought-provoking. Through charts and quotes, newspaper cuttings and articles Jane laid bare the power play that is going on in every scripture of all religions to put down and annihilate woman/Shakti. The continuous struggle of women to defend and demand their rights is an age-old reality. We also had the joy of looking back to our childhood and parents and experience the loving presence of God as Woman.

Old/new words/phrases such as “Women must reclaim their eminence”, “We have the right blend of strength with grace, courage with compassion” “Each of us is the walking tabernacle of God” (Shekinah) etc. got renewed and sharpened, ready to be used again.

We realized our role as seniors the important role we need to play in helping the younger members to work for a gender-balanced church and society, how to assist men/youth to understand their talents and unique role so that we don’t have to repeat the question Pope John 23rd asked, “Where is half the humanity?

Sister Joel

Grace in Aging

The golden Jubilarians of 2018 batch organized and went through a three-day workshop on “Blessings of Aging”. Some of the Sisters from Mokama convent campus also joined. It was a joy to see Ann Elizabeth taking part in all the sessions. Father Abraham Puthumana S.J guided the group to understand and accept healthy ageing and to become aware of the treasures of old age. In groups of 2-3, the sisters shared their images of ageing. The group came to the understanding ageing as “a process of passing from one phase of life to another, not death or decay.” Symbols of old age shared were “newborn baby with its softness/ gentleness/ helpless/ trustfulness/ a flower in full bloom shedding its petals and saving its seeds for posterity/ new birth- creative, new activities, wisdom matured.

Abe helped the participants to understand how our suggestive minds/thoughts control our aging pattern. We are as old as, incapacitated as we think we are or others think we should be. Therefore positive talk is very important in the ageing process.

The members also shared the need for providing physical and spiritual atmosphere/facilities. At the end of the workshop, the local house sisters invited the participant (s) to share the highlights which were well appreciated.

Sister Maria

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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