From Sister Sangeeta:

Here is a short write up and pictures of our time in the diocese of NGong from the 4th to the 6th. NGong is truly a difficult mission territory with lots of unmet needs. The people struggle with the water scarcity and to have the basic needs met.

NGong diocese is vast, dry and mostly made up of the cattle raising tribe called the Maasais, quite different the other two dioceses, Bungoma and Eldoret we visited. Bishop John Obella seemed a very Pastoral bishop so in love with the simple, suffering people in his diocese. He shared with us some of his challenges.

Bishop had arranged for us to visit two parishes so we traveled 360 kilometers the first day with Fr. John who was our guide. The drive was beautiful through the Rift Valley. Travelled 160 to reach Ololulunga in Narok county.

Reached St. Cecilia’s parish in Ololulung’a at 1 pm. The parish has 44 outstations, furthest being 65 kilometers away.

Travelled 200 more kilometers, 30of which was through unpaved stony road to Lolgorian Sacred Heart parish reaching there by 6:45 pm where we were welcomed by the priests, Gilbert and Anthony for overnight.

Visited the Masai Chief’s family with the pastor. The chief has four wives and many children. With the Maasai women Anna and Rose.

With Anna who was so welcoming

Nancy enjoying the Kenya Kale( Sukuma wiki). We enjoy it almost everyday.

With Bishop John Oballa of NGong diocese who was so attentive and hospitable

Bishop John in his office

Nancy with the Maasai children, showing their pics.

Saw this as we drove through the Maasai Mara Game Reserve in the Great Rift Valley. Zebras and a wild beast grazing near the road

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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