Three Sisters Make Perpetual Vows in Ranchi, India

SCNs Anita Tigga, Sangeeta Bara and Suman Dungdung made their final commitment into the hands of Sangeeta Ayithamattam, SCN, Vice President, in the presence of many SCNs, candidates, family, friends and relatives at Nazareth Convent, Ranchi on May 8, 2014. Sisters Anita, Sangeeta and Suman were led to the chapel by their parents along with the main celebrant, priests, Sisters Sangeeta, Basanti Lakra, Philomena Kottoor and Cecily Velleringatt with an entrance dance by SCN candidates.

The main celebrant, Most Rev. Sebastian Kallupura, Bishop of Buxar Diocese, concelebrated the Eucharist with four other priests at 10:30 a.m. Bishop Sebastian said that this day is a special day not only for the three Sisters who will make their perpetual vows, but for all present. From among us, these three young sisters have volunteered to follow Jesus.

In the homily, Bishop Sebastian said that Sisters Anita, Sangeeta and Suman have found a cause larger than life. The cause is the vision of Jesus — to give fullness of life. He reminded the Sisters that Jesus will comfort those who continue the mission of Him in building a community of scattered people. He also said to be always united with God as a touching link to keep the wick burning.

For the offertory, a globe, photo of Mother Catherine, soil, a plant, bread and wine was offered.

For the closing blessing, Bishop Sebastian asked the Congregation to stand up and bless the three, Sisters Anita, Sangeeta and Suman.

At the end of the Mass, Bishop Sebastian, Sisters Sangeeta, Anita, Sangeeta and Suman were felicitated. The family members greeted all three sisters singing their traditional songs in their languages. After cutting the cake, the family members sat for lunch in their groups. 

It was a small family celebration, just as the Bishop said in his homily that we do not know the power of smallness. These Sisters will be a lamp lighter wherever they go. With this smallness, these Sisters have the potential to bring about the mission of Christ which is larger than life.

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Malini Manjoly, SCN

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