By Sister Malini Manjoly, SCN

Sister Anjana Kunnath, SCN, and her team demonstrated the importance of artemisia medicinal plants for over 3,000 small farmers during the Kisan (Farmers) Rally on July 4 in the Chechadi Valley of Mahuadanr.    Artemisia substance is a miracle cure for cerebral malaria which is a killer disease in the area.

Sister Anjana cultivates artemisia around her health center in small scale to promote its use among the simple villagers who succumb to malaria in large numbers every year. The government agricultural department and the district officials invited Sister Anjana to present to the farmers the importance of the use of artemisia in combating malaria. Since it was in a short notice she distributed 15 plants and leaflets to some who were interested.

Two days later, the government officials visited Sister Anjana’s health center and took the plants and bought some of the herbal medicines that she herself prepares with the help of her dedicated staff. The agricultural department is willing to promote the cultivation of artemisia through government funds, provided there is land and water available.

Artemisia requires lot of water for its full growth. Due to water shortage and lack of land available Sister Anjana is not able to take up its cultivation in large scale. The parish priest has allowed her to use some of its vacant plots for cultivating artemisia during this monsoon season.

Sister Anjana and her Nukkad team also demonstrated to the farmers the importance of ‘Direct Observation Therapy’ for combating Tuberculosis.

More on the Nazareth Health Clinic in Chechadi Valley can be found here:

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