Music, Art—the Good, the True, and the Beautiful!

By CMM Evelyn Fugazzi ,SCN

Theresa Cash made her profession on March 25, 1947.  Her pastoral and education ministries have focused on leading adult and children’s choirs.  Leading others in song has made every ministry a joy!  At one time, her sixty sixth, seventh and eighth grade students made a grand recording of Christmas songs!

For the past sixteen years, Theresa has been choir director at Nazareth.  She states, “It is thrilling and fulfilling to me to be able to sing God’s praises and lead others in doing so.  The Liturgy is our life-line for living out the church year with all its beauty and challenges!”

Theresa was a premature baby and only weighed three and a half pounds at birth.  She feels God let her live to be an SCN.  Raised in a loving and religious atmosphere, she is the youngest of seven children.  Surrounded by her family’s lush garden, grape arbor, and apple orchard in Fancy Farm, KY, Theresa was a happy child.  She attended St. Jerome School where she was taught by the SCNs for twelve years. Their example fostered Theresa’s religious vocation.  (Sr. Margaret Ross is the only survivor among six cousins who became SCNs.)

Her social justice concerns are for all who are underserved, especially women and children.  Music is her passion along with beauty and art!   As Theresa steps to the podium and shares her gift of melodious voice .a saying of Pope Pius X comes to mind, “The person who sings well prays twice!”

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