Summer brings on Mission Appeals to the churches across the United States. Sisters and Associates visit parishes, large and small, to promote support for the SCN ministries throughout the world and to raise awareness of the universal Church’s involvement in the missionary work of Jesus.

Sister Anne Magruder shares her latest MCP experience.

“Let me share the story of Sister Luke’s and my visit to St. Zita, St. Sebastian and St. Edward, three small parishes in northeastern West Virginia. While we questioned the benefit of traveling the distance and spending the time for such small parishes, it turned out to be one of our most rewarding mission appeal visits.

“Father Andy, who pastors all three parishes in Preston County, was most welcoming and supportive. We quickly detected his involvement in social justice and pastoral issues in the area. Parishioners in all three parishes exhibited an unusual spirit of community and hospitality. We enjoyed wonderful accommodations in St. Zita convent in the center of the neighborhood and adjacent to the beautiful little church.

“Father Andy assured us that the ministry needs in the area were great and it was evident, as well, when we traveled the country roads from parish to parish. Sister Luke and I felt very much at home in West Virginia. More importantly, the mission talks were very well received and connections were made for future collaboration with our friends in Preston County, WV.

“As MCP Coordinator, I have the privilege of hearing similar experiences of our Sisters and Associates who visit parishes throughout the U.S. to give mission appeals. The Office of Mission Advancement (OMA) joins me in gratitude for you and your generous participation in this ministry.”

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