The children of Asha Niwas, “House of Hope,” have begun moving in to their new residence, Asha Kiran, “Rays of Hope.” Because of the tremendous number of children currently being served at Asha Niwas this new home has been built in Dharuhera, India. It has recently finished construction.

These children have lived their early years in brothels with their mothers, and without intervention would most likely fall into the same way of life. Asha Kiran attempts to break this cycle, by offering the children a safe environment, an opportunity for learning and a chance to believe in their own worth and dignity.

Nirmala Mulackal, SCN, reports that the children and Sisters are excited to be coming into their new home. A simple blessing was held on March 21, as the children arrived. To learn more about Asha Kiran in Dharuhera click here.

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