The fourth annual Join the Journey luncheon was held, Thursday, Oct. 20, at The Crowne Plaza in Louisville, Kentucky. This fundraising luncheon shares a glimpse of how the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth are living out their Gospel call in all the places they minister. The following is the Doors to Hope portion of the program which features the Martinez family, who credit Doors to Hope for helping them reach their dreams.

Art Parola

“Good afternoon. I am Art Parola, and I had the privilege of serving as an intern at Doors to Hope, through the University of Louisville Latin American and Latino Studies Program. Doors to Hope, on Third Street in Louisville, serves the needs of the local Hispanic immigrant community by offering classes in English as a second language, GED preparation, after-school tutoring and a women’s group, just to name a few of the things they do. This ministry creates a vibrant learning community. Doors to Hope is a place where the American dream can begin and where people come together as a community. Sister Rebecca helped start this ministry and serves as the Director – she does an amazing job.

“It is my pleasure today to introduce you to a young girl that I had the privilege of tutoring, Daniela. Daniela is smart. She is determined. She works hard and she has made amazing progress. I see her growing into a confident young woman and her potential is boundless. Doors to Hope is giving Daniela the support and encouragement she needs to create a future that I know will be bright. Please join me in welcoming Daniela.”

Daniella Martinez

“Good afternoon. My name is Daniela Martinez and I am 11 years old. My mother moved to Louisville 15 years ago. I was born here. My mother came to the United States because she wants to have a better life, a good job, and to help our family in Mexico.

“I have been going to Doors to Hope since I was in the third grade. I am now in the sixth grade at Noe Middle School.

“At Doors to Hope, my tutors help me with reading because reading is a hard subject for me. I am working hard and my tutors encourage me.

“My mother, who is here with me today, works very hard. She is an inspiration to me. She is a welder — her manager says she is the best welder in the company, and she is the only woman. She works long hours. She works hard for me and for my grandmother who is very sick in Mexico.

“My mom is tired when she comes home, but I know she is doing this to support me and my grandmother.

“My mom studies at Doors to Hope too. She really wants to learn English and I am so proud of her. My mom says that she hopes I have better opportunities in life.

“The Sisters and volunteers at Doors to Hope tell me that I have a great future. Thank you to Doors to Hope for believing in me and for helping me to reach my dreams.”

Julissa Martinez

“I want to thank Doors to Hope, on behalf of myself and all the parents for helping our children to be better and to prepare for a better future.

“I would say that my daughter Daniela is doing well at school and that she can read much better than she did when we began at Doors to Hope. Thank you!”

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