Sister Tracy Kemme wrote the following reflection for Sister Marie Flowers. Read the full text of her monthly Global Sisters Report column, here.

On Friday, Oct. 13, I was reading about Resurrection for my liberation theology class. The next day, I was experiencing it at the resurrection liturgy for my friend Sr. Marie Flowers.

Marie was a Sister of Charity of Nazareth and a social worker. We got to know each other through the Future of Charity, an intercongregational group for younger, newer sisters. Early in 2016, she was diagnosed with advanced cancer, and after a brave year and a half, God called her home. She would have been 51 in November.

Jon Sobrino says in Christ the Liberator that Jesus’ resurrection was not an isolated event, but one that continues to remake itself throughout human history. We, like the early disciples, can encounter the risen Lord. Resurrection erupts into our journeys through freedom, joy and hope that triumph over darkness and death. We can touch, in a real way, the new, everlasting life of Christ, and it transforms us. What’s more, Ignacio Ellacuría said that if we follow Jesus, “we should live as already risen beings.” Marie did. Both her life and death sang of Resurrection.

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