Guests to the Motherhouse campus at Nazareth, Ky., Laura Ungar, award-winning journalist for The Courier-Journal, and Sujoy Dhar, correspondent with The Washington Times in India, were recently featured in SPAN Magazine.

During their time at Nazareth they shared their insights on journalism, healthcare, social justice and the importance of cross cultural experiences. Both also shared how they view their jobs as a ministry. The session was videotaped and the video can be viewed here.

SPAN is a magazine linking India and the United States, offering articles from writers in both countries on culture, business, technology, education, health, social development, arts and achievements in U.S.-India relations. Below is an excerpt from the article:

The frame of the lecture that Ungar of The Courier-Journal newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky and I rustled up amid our daily grind finally became a blend of our own experience as journalists reporting on issues that cross national boundaries and the story of transition in media. We focused strongly on health, environment and economy—the three vital cogs in the wheel of serious journalism in both countries. In a way, they encompassed everything from HIV/AIDS and cervical cancer to India’s land acquisition problems and the U.S.-India civilian nuclear agreement. Collaborations between Bollywood and Hollywood were thrown in for good measure, spicing up our talks.

As we are both primarily print media journalists, the effects of economic recession and the onslaught of electronic and cyber media on the newspaper industry featured prominently in our talks, especially in the United States, where the newspapers are in a grim battle for survival.

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