The annual Sisters of Charity Federation meeting, held this year in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, has come to a close following a time of rich sharing and informative discussions. Sixty-five Sisters in leadership and several presenters attended.

Among the highlights, a presentation by Sandra Schneiders, IHM, entitled “Religious Life in the World,” exploring the question “What does ‘world’ mean in our time?” Sister Julie Cutter, Charity Federation executive director, gave a comprehensive report after which the Congregations met in groups to discuss and respond to action items and questions including sharing about the proposed strategic plan for 2012–2017.

A number of SCNs attended the meetings of the Charity Federation which is comprised of 12 women religious Congregations, representing more than 4,000 members. SCN President Susan Gatz, also the president of the Charity Federation, gave a talk on “Relationships, Our Life and Our Collaborations.” Teresa Kotturan, SCN, a Charity Federation United Nations — NGO representative, gave a presentation fociusing on efforts to address migration, human trafficking, and the NGO mining group. She described the 17 sustainable development goals which will be adopted in September 2015.