Sister Carolyn Wilson was honored today for her years of service as director of transportation. SCNs and friends who were gathered for Mass in St. Vincent Church raised their hands in blessing. Sister Carolyn served over 13 years in the transportation department.

Vice-Provincial Barbara Flores, SCN, said, Can you imagine how many Sisters, how many of us have been served directly by Carolyn because of driving us to our various destinations or ensuring the availability of transportation – it was coordinating, driving, presence while waiting, the listening, it was plain ‘being with’ Carolyn for all that we want to say, we are truly grateful.

God of our life’s journey

Thank You for the seasons of life. Thank You for the wisdom that comes through experience and for the freedom that is given for a job well done.

We give thanks for the tremendous blessings that have come from Carolyn’s many years of service. We thank You that You will continue to use her, in all seasons.

We pray that this will be a new beginning for Carolyn. May new hope arise, and may Your vision be her guide.

May a new rhythm emerge for Carolyn – one that forms a beautiful balance between rest and engagement of life.

And now, God, we ask for Your blessing: 

May there be good health, joy in abundance, and peace in Carolyn’s heart and mind, from this day forward and each day that follows.

In Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.