Mater Dei (Mother of God) is situated in the beautiful land of beaches, coconut and cashew nut trees surrounded by Mandovi River, hills, churches and the spirit of St. Francis Xavier. The building is so big that one would never know from outside what joy and treasure it possesses inside. The size of the building would speak of the goodness of the persons who live in there and strength would speak of the unity and confidence of the group. It is a holy place where many saintly people lived.

Institute Mater Dei (IMD) is a symbol of women’s deep spiritual quest, a response of love to the divine call to follow Jesus Christ to grow into fullness. The theme of the year (2018-2019) “Called to Holiness through the path of beatitudes” enabled us to be deeply spiritual and critical thinkers. The classes at IMD helped us to be attuned to God’s call in each and every moment of our lives. It is a call to holiness and a call to live a joyful religious life. During the ten months of diploma course in theology, we came across highly efficient professors who shared their viewpoints of God with their knowledge and personal experiences. Our classes were mainly focused on Scriptures, consecrated religious life, Eucharistic challenges, emotional intelligence, law and justice, religion and dialogue, etc. Working on scientific papers on various topics broadened our views and helped us to think critically. They also challenged us to be effective members in the community, church, and society.

Life in Mater Dei has been a joyful experience of oneness and love. We had the opportunity to live with Sisters from many religious congregations and multi-cultural backgrounds which helped us to accept, appreciate and value the goodness of each one. We were fortunate to share our charism with 136 sisters of 57 Congregations and to know how thousands of women are involved all over the world to care for humanity.

Apart from our academic activities, we were extremely glad to reach out to the elderly in different old age homes. We have witnessed thousands of pilgrims visiting the relics of St. Francis Xavier and it is a special privilege to serve on the Feast of St. Francis Xavier as students of IMD.

We gratefully acknowledge our CLT, PLT and all the SCN Sisters who gave us this opportunity to avail diploma in Theology and have lovingly supported us in the journey of our religious life. Now together with St. Paul we each one can say: “I can do all things who strengths me”.

Sisters Angela Lepcha, Celestine Reshma Pais, Emilia Tudu, Helen Sathiya, Paska Mary, Sushila Bahanda, Sonali Sonamoti Soreng

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