The Feast of St. Vincent de Paul was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate, even amid the restrictions of COVID-19. Sisters who reside in Carrico Hall at Nazareth rarely have a chance to interact with the Sisters from the Motherhouse, O’Connell Hall, David Hall, and the Sadan house.

On Sunday, Sept. 9, all who were able came outside to enjoy each other’s company as well as the sweet treat of Klondike Ice Cream Bars. “Klondike has yet another flavor, ‘Triple Chocolate’, that looks like a square donut! (Check the photo of Wilma Ross with hers.) Joy, laughter, and love prevailed. Once again, the blessings of sharing and of community life continue to sustain us,” said Sister Sarah Geier.

Thanks go out to all who helped make this a happy, memorable time, especially the housekeeping staff, Will Rosenbaum, and Sister Rhoda Kay Glunk.