As the summer moves forward many are seeking a sacred time apart. I invite you to consider two offerings we have coming up.

The first event is titled “Our Hearts Are Restless,” a directed retreat that includes shared morning prayer, extensive time for quiet , daily liturgy if desired and a daily one-on-one session with one of the directors. 

The directors this year include Christine Connolly, O.P., Lisa Downs, and Sharon Gray, SCN. The dates are July 6 – 12

The second event is titled “A Scripture Workshop: The synoptic Gospels: a Literary Consideration” presented by Margaret Ralph of Lexington Theological Seminary

The dates are August 17 – 22

 We also welcome private retreatants who are seeking a time of quiet and reflection on the beautiful grounds here at Nazareth. We have two hermitages and other living accomodations.

If you are interested in any of these retreat options, please contact us through our web site at or call us 502-348-1513