One-by-one, the 21 young Temporary Professed Sisters of Patna Province kept coming to Mokama, on a quiet, hot and humid day, May 28, 2017. The place became full of life for each one was delighted to see the other. It was a joy for the retired Sisters in Mokama to interact with us, the future of our Province/Congregation.

As soon as we reached Mokama, many of us got busy with the preparation for the cultural event on the Appreciation Day for the outgoing Province Leadership Team and the singing practice.

On her last day in office, Basanti Lakra, SCN, Provincial, took the time to meet with us. She asked us to be faithful, committed and to live the SCN charism wherever we are. She also thanked us and wished us the very best.

On the first day, we spent time in sharing our life experiences in community and mission. We, then, creatively presented each chapter of the book, ‘Pioneer Spirit’ to understand the SCN historical background and the journey of Mother Catherine. During the last summer program, we had taken this assignment to read and study the book, ‘Pioneer Spirit’ and to present each chapter, two-by-two. Jane Karakunnel, SCN, conducted a quiz on the topic and the winners were awarded prizes.

We also enjoyed a picnic to Navjyoti Niketan, Patna, and watched a Hindi movie, ‘Hamari Adhuri Kahani’ on June 3.

The eight-day retreat was based on, ‘Emmanuel Experience and the Joy of the Gospel’ at Atmadaarshan, Patna, directed by the Jesuit priests, Pius Thekkemurry and Joseph Puthenkalam. SCNs Jayanti Lakra and Jane Karakunnel, our two directors, joined us for the retreat.

We returned to Mokama on June 12 and 24 of us renewed our Vows on June 13. Philomena Kottoor, SCN, Provincial received our vows and Sister Jane witnessed. Malini Manjoly, SCN, presented the latest trends in social media and the SCN Social Media Policy. She also familiarized us with the SCN websites. It helped us to use the social media responsibly. Manisha Bara, SCN, gave us inputs on maintaining accounts and making realistic budgets in keeping with the changes after the demonetization. We concluded the program with a thanksgiving prayer and a short program on June 14 and on the 15th, we left for our respective places.

Celestine Reshma Pius, SCN | See more photos

Patna Province has 33 Temporary Professed Sisters in mission and doing various studies. Sisters Jane and Jayanti shared that it is a great joy to see the growth and maturity in our young Sisters to take responsibilities in their mission. The retreat directors also commented on the sound SCN formation to help the formees to reflect and to have in-depth sharing, freely.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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