Even as the pandemic spread across the entire country bringing to a standstill all the major cities in the country, the small hamlet of Musunuru remained relatively less troubled by the virus. However, the nationwide lockdown dampened the already low economic situation of the people in the taluk.

Sisters at Preranalaya Social Development Center in Musunuru discerned the situation of the pandemic as the lockdown was being extended gradually and responded to their communal call to utilize the time meaningfully. Genuine requests from the youth and women to conduct skill-based sessions were already pouring in. However, the physical distancing imposed by the state due to COVID-19 was a cause of concern for the Sisters.

They approached the officers of the government to seek guidance and permission to commence short-term summer programs. The officers, understandingly, laid out a set of rules to be followed and obliging to their instructions the

Sisters began month-long classes in spoken English, tailoring and computer skills on May 25. The classes are being conducted in 4 to 7 shifts with six students in each shift. They are well into the third week of the program and the attendees are excited about spending their time meaningfully.

Sister Silbiya M