Deena Vazhaparampil, SCN, ministers in Sangsay, India, where agitation in a West Bengal separatist group is directly affecting the hills of Darjeeling and the people that the Sisters serve. Entering the fifth week, a strike in the area has caused a disruption in the food and supplies chain. People are going without. Sister Deena met with two women who are feeling the impacts of this unrest. They are regular patients of hers.

She is a mother with 5 children and a husband. She is a patient who needs to take medicine daily. For one month she has had no medicine and her illness has increased. She is having headaches, vomiting, and other illness. There is no way to get medicine due to the strike she says.

Sister Deena (pictured right) says, “I am sure all of you are praying for us and will want to know what is happening in the hills. … People are in a pathetic situation with absolutely nothing to eat. On the July 20, there will be an all-party meeting of the political leaders which we hope will lead to a solution and the end to the agitation.”

Using the resources available to them, Sisters are distributing as much rice as they can obtain to people who have not eaten.

Sister Deena has seen so much from her small clinic tucked away in the mountains. Every day presents a new set of challenges. “I will face difficulties, but I also really experience the power of prayer and support of people,” she says.

Sisters in Sangsay and Tendrabong request prayers for peace in Darjeeling

Charity at High Altitude

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