Students from St. Mary’s Center made a visit to the Motherhouse Campus, Nazareth, Ky., this week.  The students made the Sisters smile with their square dancing.  The students made the trip to Nazareth with Kitty Wilson, SCN, who is in ministry with the young men and women. 
St. Mary’s Center is a non-denominational agency that serves over 150 adults and teens with intellectual and physical disabilities from the Louisville, Ky., area.  The center is celebrating two decades of providing vocational, functional, academic, and socialization training. In addition, St. Mary’s also teaches participants lifetime leisure skills and offers a vast array of sports activities.

Sister Kitty plays an integral role in the person-centered programs and services at St. Mary’s which enable participants to become more independent. In her classroom, students learn about healthy life styles – good habits like eating nutritional foods and exercising.

Sister Kitty can often be found going on walks with the students.  She also enjoys sometimes joining the students when they square dance as it is part of their curriculum.  The students enjoy sharing and teaching others how to square dance as they did on Wednesday.  The students have also visited the residents at Nazareth Home in Louisville.