SCNs in Patna, India came together to celebrate the Feast of St.Vincent de Paul. They reached out to the people St. Vincent loved the most – the orphans and the forgotten. Members of the SCN family visited with the children of Remand Home at Punaichak, Patna. More than 126 children are cared for at the home. Roselyn Karakattu, SCN, reflects upon the experience:

We wanted the Spirit of St. Vincent to be honored in some tangible way. With necessary permissions from the Remand Home Superintendent, SCNs Marcelline Indwar, Maxima Bara, Swati Tirkey and Roselyn along with Sister Malini Manjoly, and a few of our trainees from Arunodaya, visited the Children’s home. It was a memorable day for all of us. We witnessed much joy and fun in being with the children as they joined us in singing motivational songs and sharing their stories about the celebration of “Puja” festival. Our Hindu brethren were celebrating the Dashara or Durga festival.

We talked to them of St. Vincent, and showed them a picture of the Saint. We told them that this Saint loved children and that children were always seen in his company. We shared chocolate cream biscuits and candies with them. A few of them started crying remembering their mothers (we might have reminded them of their mothers) and we had to console them. As we took leave of them, the last scene of the home still lingers in my mind. Many little hands came out through the bars of the windows to wave good bye to us calling out “Didis (sisters) please come back”.

At the training centre, we cooked the noon meal with the catholic students who could not go home for the Puja holidays. Most of these young women are economically poor and are from far away rural areas of Bihar and Jharkhand. The meal was preceded by a prayer service, at which we took turns in sharing about St. Vincent, our early beginnings with Bishop David and Catherine Spalding. We explained the Mission Statement and the ministries we are engaged in. The students said that they felt privileged and were very happy to be part of the celebrations and they remarked that though they were in hostels before they hadn’t had the opportunity to celebrate with any Sisters.

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All the ends of the earth have seen the saving power of God.

Ps 98

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